Willow’s Beijing

Willow on Beijing, China.⛩ 🇨🇳
1. Hutong. They were nice. We stayed in an old house with a courtyard in a cool neighbourhood.
2. The Great Wall, Because it was fun, the view was great ,Kaia was shuffling on the steps, We did the chair lift 🚡and the toboggan I did both with Kaia. The toboggan was the funnest.
3. The 🏯 Forbidden City, I like that I got to see where the Emperor lived. 🌳His garden was the best part🌲.
4. I like the fruit on a stick, Because it was great and yummy yummy in my tummy. my favorite was the 🍓strawberries 🍓on a stick🍡.
5. We went to the snack street and there were scorpions🦂 on a stick. I didn’t want to try it.



  1. Maya says:

    Tout semble très cool!

    Moi aussi je voudrais manger les fruits .

  2. Misha says:

    Est-ce que les scorpions étaient jolies ?

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