Grand Mosque

After the Falcon Hospital we continued our great day by visiting the Grand Mosque at sunset.  It truly lived up to its name and sunset is the only time to go IMHO.  I love arches and this place was full of them.  Our guide was pretty interesting and funny and the girls asked lots of questions – why are there tissue boxes all around the prayer area?   Where do they put the tissues when used?  Very key issues😂

I actually had to wear trousers and Marie- Christine had to wear the supplied abeya.  She looked great in the brown one but I asked her why she didn’t get the blue one to match her eyes. The kids had to be covered but not their heads.  At the back of the group is a guy I dubbed the ‘tour bully’. If you get even slightly separated from your free tour group he gruffly herd you back to your crew.  Yes – it happened to us more than once….

Outside the Grand Mosque
The girls kept asking “Is this where Jasmine lives” in relation to the Disney movie Aladdin
Sun begins to set behind this massive building

Kids with their good friend Gabrielle
Amazing part of ceiling
Different angle
Get ready for lots of arch pictures
On the right is Sheik Zayeds tomb. He is the founder of U.AE. You are not suppose to photograph his tomb. Oops. Didn’t know until later 
So many arches
Yup – more arches!
Willow likes the designs

Huge chandeliers with hundreds of thousands of Swarovski crystals. There in an internal ladder to help the cleaners….wow.

Spectacular. We kept asking how much it cost. Our guide adeptly told us it was classified…

There were three of these beasts in the main prayer hall which fits a few thousand people. There are many rows of raised carpet along the floor. You kneel in the raised part and it aligns you with Mecca
Everything is truly quite grand

The angles for pix were cool
Max and M.C.
Fun place to take photos
Truly out of the stories of Arabian Nights
I loved this place
Arches upon arches
Sun settting
The Grand Mosque and Abu Dhabi 8n general is amazing at night
Is this where Jasmine lives?


  1. Nicoletta (in Switzerland) says:

    Ridiculously stunning place. Thank you for sharing. Enjoying the views you’re posting.

    1. Doug says:

      Long time no hear! Was beginning to wonder…. Glad you are enjoying our adventure – wanna come join us somewhere for a week or two? Would love to catch up again!

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