Durban Again

After 2 amazing weeks in Sodwana Bay, we were all sad to leave but excited to be back in Durban again to check out the ‘marine’ part of Ushaka Marine Park. Needless to say, we stayed at the Happy Hippo Hostel so we could walk to the Park. We had planned to do a day of admin and a day at the Ushaka water slides and aquarium. The admin consisted of trying to mail a parcel home (couldn’t do it), check out amazing made-to-measure wet suits by Rob Allen at The Dive Factory in Durban We decided not to get suits and carry them for another 6 months, nor be measured in case of body changes…. Se also had to drop off the car.

The next day was spent at Ushaka. The water was cold so we decided to sod the water slides in the late morning and early afternoon to enjoy the most heat. This turned out to be brilliant as the power shut down and the slides closed up. This part of South Africa (KwaZulu Natal) goes through something they call ‘load-shedding’ where the power just gets shut down for 2-3 hours, once or twice a day! We luckily got lunch just before the power died and then spent the rest of the day at the aquarium. Many people left due to the power outage so we basically had the aquarium to ourselves…

The slides were good but we have been to better Water Parks…The aquarium was really good with many rare fish and underwater creatures. We got to see two big moray eels fighting, seahorses, jellyfish, sea dragons, stonefish, as well as many other cool things. The three girls know their underwater fauna well and a local black couple followed the girls to get all their explanations and stories about each tank and its contents. The girls were great ambassadors of Ushaka Marine and the couple were well impressed and the parents were entertained and very very proud! The couple also sat with us at the dolphin show – Willow was lucky enough to get picked to be part of the show!!\\

Skye the Trutle at the Aquatrium/. Nope the darkness due to load -shedding – an odd initiative to try to save money by the S.A. Electric company
This massive potato cod was in the tank with all the big sharks – cant think that is anxiety free living?!


Lovely big tanks – still not sure about some of these zoos/aquariums and captive animals but it does promote knowledge and perhaps conservation.

Nice shark
Cool feature where you can pop up in the middle of the tank…Skye with a lobster!
My personal favourites – the juvenile Emperor Angelfish. Incredible!
Love love love these little guys!
Not sure the point of these ‘toilets’ in the aquarium but the girls loved them!
Hello dolphin…
Willow screaming to be picked for dolphin show

OK dolphin show. Couldn’t hear due to no power

Pick me, pick me!
On her way to star in the dolphin show
On her way

Willowt set for the show – did I mention her favorite colour has always been yellow?



Hanging at Ushaka
Candy everywhere! This was in a candy site after seeing Bohemian Rhapsody…loved by all!

Holidays were approaching but very little in South Africa had any holiday theme…

On the Durban pier

Durban from the pier = World Cup Football stadium at far right

Durban pier

Drinks at the Durban pier

Lost in discussion -two best mates.

After the Park it was a beach walk and drinks on the pier…

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