Port Elizabeth

“September ’77 Port Elizabeth weather fine,

It was business as usual in police room 619”

This song was running through my head the entire time i was in Port Elizabeth. My family got tired of hearing me sing these words over and over. However this song was incredible -for many it was the first time their eyes we opened to what was going on in South Africa! Released in 1980, it made me look up what apartheid meant and it was then that i learned about South Africa, Mandela and apartheid. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biko_(song)

Port Elizabeth was a required stop on the Baz Bus. We knew little about it and decided to spend a dew days there. It is in the Eastern Cape province and is considered to be the start of the famous Garden Route that continues to Cape Town. We chose a lovely place called Aquamarine Guesthouse from the Baz Bus list of hostels. We arrived late and all had to squeeze into one room with the knowledge that we would get a bigger room the next day. The room was fine but our neighbours were in the middle of a big party – kids slept but it was a little tough for the adults to fall asleep!

The entrance to our room
Part of the front room where Skye and WIllow slept

Other half fo front room with Kaia’s bed and kitchenette

Parents room

Entrance to breakfast room

Lovely breakfast room! There was an article posted on the wall about the tow dolphins at Ocean Park in Hong Kong – they came from Port Elizabeth!

Yummy brekfast!

Port Elizabeth, also called PE or The Bay *for the 16k stretchy f the city on Algoa Bay( is a lovely coastal/port city. Aquamarine Guesthouse was just a few hundred metres from the sea so the first day was spent having a seaside stroll and then drinks at a lovely place with an outdoor playground – perfect! Our family loves Rugby Sevens and it was live on TV so even better!!!

The lovely Algoa Bay with the port in the background

The port

Heading to the PE pier

The PE pier in the background



M.C. and Kaia watched from the pier….

I While the younger tow went down to play on the shore

Let’s GO!

Fun tucked in behind the rocks…

Big waves were crashing into he rocks – we tried to get them closer to the rocks when the big waves came so they would get a good soaking but they caught on to our cunning plan….

Pretty soon several local kids were watching S and W and were keen to join in….S and W were oblivious and carried on!
The view from the pier was great – thee was a crew of ocean swimmers as well as kite surfers, wind surfers and kayakers…

Best friends – throughout the trip, these two having each other was a saving grace.
The girls

Looking up in Africa is always amazing. Each time i see the sky i always get a verse from Johnny Cleggs song Under African Skies”.
We stop to meet every friendly dog….these two German Shepherds were lovely! The father had placed second in SOuth Africa at a recent dog show


We continued our walk right don on the beach

PE was pretty nice overall – we saw a couple of water plumes in the distance – probably whales as PE is famous for its whales and dolphins

Drinks, playground and Rugby 7s – a fine end to the day! We ended up watching the finals in our room!

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