Awesome timeshare – Mjejane Bush Camp

Our Mjejane slice of heaven

In our 15 years in Hong Kong, one of our best buys has been our Marriott timeshare in Phuket.  While on our adventure we have saved up a few weeks to exchange for other timeshares through Interval International.  We had spent a fair bit of time trying to figure out how to explore Africa’s largest game park, Kruger National Park.  One morning we suddenly saw a large unit for exchange in a park called Mjejane which borders onto the Kruger Park and is open to Kruger.  IT WAS AWESOME!   We had animals all around the place and a small fence keeping the big ones out.   Warthogs came under the fence and ate our grass.  One monkey broke into our house and nicked a hamburger bun – luckily I was home and chased him out.

Mjejane had their own games drives and we did a few.  I missed the night drive where the gang saw a cerval, civet, hippos with babies, and many others.  Our afternoon drives were legendary.   Mating lions, fighting elephants, rhino chasing rhino right by our safari vehicle, a wounded hippo far from water, elephant babies….and much more…..

Did i mention the house was amazeballs?

Big place. Looking form one end to the other


Big living room with patio out to the game park


Dining room and kitchen


A look at the outdoor shower – the only one we used! Indoor one right next to it


no one was visited by animals while showering


Spare room that was never used.


Master bedroom with en-suite plus huge bathtub!


Loft bedroom where the little two hung out!


Plunge pool looking onto the park


Fun in the pool…no predators in sight


The kids like it here


Pile on!


Right by the house


By our balcony


Sunset by our house.


Lovely African sunset


Game drive in Mjejane


Tree of  Fish Eagles


Crocodile not 20 metres from us


So many birds


cormorant drying wings




Sunset over the dam


Wounded hippo far from the water – we could see the big injuries on its back


We flowed this herd for a good 20-30 minutes until they came right up to us! With babies!


This river is the ‘line’ between Kruger and Mjejane. That is the only barrier so all animals cross all the time! Love Mjejane


Right in front of us!




So close


Happy family


Such a wee one!
A monkey with the elephants
Another monkey with elephants
Guarding the baby


Another amazing close lion experience!


So regal


this is one male with his two ladies.


Making her move


Soon to be in the road


They moved right into the road






Just waiting


Love the silhouette


Almost hidden


Resting for the night when the predators hunt


‘Tis guy was running from another rhino and  almost hit our safari truck. The girls were so quiet. the second rhino stopped right by the truck trying to scent where his quarry was – he was 3 metres from our vehicle – we all held our breath.




Mating lions – girls got a little freaked when the lioness whacked the lion in the face thenour guide explained they mate many times an hour but it can hurt as he has a spiky penis….cue schoolgirl giggles from us all….


Spotlight used to help us be voyeurs












  1. belinda says:

    what a beautiful recount from this blessed place, happy to know you are all experiencing big adventures

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