Horseback Riding at Buccaneers

Horseback Riding was offered at Buccaneers and we were keen but we had tried riding in Mongolia and Skye had a bad experience! The horse she was on got spooked and fell over on its side! Somehow Skye managed to get off and just walk away – it was truly quite an athletic achievement! However it seemed that her horseback days were over before they started. M.C. and i were keen to literally get her back in the saddle! After a lot of support and gentle coercion, Skye agreed to give it another try! So it was me and the three girls off to the corral!

We met Penny, the owner of the horses nearby and each of us was introduced to our horse. Kaia was on Sensi, Skye on Flicka, Willow on Dusty and i was given a horse named Ganja….The other girls were fine and we had a lovely girl from the States leading WIllow’s horse and Penny led Skye and Flicka – just to be sure. However it wasn’t long before both Skye and WIllow were riding on their own and loving it!

We went down a road then into the bush and down a major hill to the beach. The first part was rocky and we were all told to just let the horses find their own way. This was followed by the nice sandy part of the beach then back up a big hill and a triumphant return to the corral! The girls then walked their horses across the street to their grazing area! A super successful day for all…..kind of. I have spoken for years about my allergies but my family has never seen a full blown attack. Now they have – when we got back to Buccaneers and I removed my glasses my eyes looked like i had gone a few rounds with Tyson – swollen almost closed and tearing up. My sneezing and nose were a mess and i was itchy everywhere….luckily i travel with tons of meds and after cling my eyes and some anti-histamines i was at least looking a little better! Despite that it was a hugely successful day and Skye says she would ride again!

Excited girls in anticipation of the ride!
Penny giving Flicka a stretch!
Skye was up first – i reckon just to give her some time in the saddle before we left
Trying to smile but not so sure

Trying to be brave
Willow is up and at it!
Keen as mustard!

Kaia ready to rock!
Happy rider!
Easy start on the roadside
Heading down to the beach!
Down on the beach
This girl was form Taiwan! She walked along side for most of the way just in case anyone needed help!

Skye gaining confidence – on her own!

As Penny did not have to lead Skye we could mix up the order a little!


WIllow pulling up the rear!

Happy riders!

No one looks good in these bonnets.


Willow and her little pony.


All of us







Last bit of the beach then uphill and back to corral.

Finishing up and lettingnhorses drink etc
Willow giving her horse some lovin’!



Skye being some final encouraging words from Penny after such a successful ride.
Much better with fear of horses now!

Kaia quite at ease

Happy girls.

Taking the horses to pasture


Across the road to greener pastures!



  1. Alli Lank says:

    Congratulations to Skye for her courage to get back on a horse!

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