African Beading at Buccaneers

One afternoon all four girls joined Buccaneers Owner Lynne for an afternoon of African beadwork! They all bonded with Lynne and I bonded with beer and read my book! It was an afternoon of beads, learning, laughs and creativity. All five of them seemed to have a blast and I got a lovely bracelet from Kaia! As we are a wee bit older than the average backpacker and our girls are a wee bit younger than the average backpacker, the adults s to connect with the hostel owners, and the kids often connect with the owners kids/grandkids…

As mentioned in the last post, Lynne’s husband Shaun connected with a few Ottawa backpackers and ended up playing ultimate back in Ottawa! Several evenings we found ourselves at the bar with Lynne, Shaun and their nephew Rod who worked the bar. One afternoon the girls dispppeared to Shaun and Lynnes house to hang out with their daughter Josie and made awesome cupcakes! The girls realised that even on the other side of the world they can find common ground with kids their age!

The bead work was supposed to be an hour or two but went way overtime as all the ladies were having a grand time! I even got sucked in to enjoy in the super fun atmosphere they had all created.

The gang Learning the basics of African beadwork with Lynne and one of the local staff who also does beadwork.

Lost in the bead world

Heads down and working hard


Hours later
Wine always helps creativity!

Nice necklace and a word bubble with a particularly South African word…South Africa has its own lexicon of word and phrases. ‘Howzit” is a wonderful form of greeting!
Howzit Skye!

M.C. pleased with her work! One of the beautiful beadwork animals resting on her head….

Kaia made a cool bracelet

Pretty happy!

Willow – fun and creative!

My bracelet that i still wear today – almost 3 months later! Thanx Kaia!

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