24+ Hour Bus Ride

Finally it was time to say good bye to South Africa so we left on New Years morning on a scheduled 24 hour bus ride to Windhoek, the capital of Namibia! The trip ended up taking 26 hours due to a few hours spent at the border around midnight! Unfortunately two Middle Eastern guys were stopped right before us and they seemed to be trying to sneak a whole lot of stuff into Namibia – not drugs just stuff.


Our trusty Intercape Bus and trailer of luggage.

Ready for 24 hours!
Locked and loaded!
Watching the world go by!
Double decker bus! We were upstairs

The door
Sights of the desert between Cape Town and Windhoek
Empty world
A bit of water but not much
Lots fo rock
Sparse on the trees and vegetation too
Lots of space. Nearer Namibia and Southern Namibia the only industry is mining
Mining town of Steinkopf, South Africa

Beginning of sunset
Lovely sunset colours
Desert sunset

Simply amazing
The best thing for us is that the kids can sleep almost anywhere!

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