Dune 45

We drove from Weltevrede into the Namib-Naukluft Park and our first stop was Dune 45 – a massive dune that was definitely worth climbing! This is a legendary dune and Skye and Willow had every intention of climbing so Papa went along. Not nearly as big as the giant dune we climbed in Namibia but still some great views from the top!

Some nearby dunes
A different angle of 45

Ready to climb
Eerie views abound
Cool vies as we start up the dune。
Heading up!
Up we go!
Taking a break on a dune seat!
Dune highway
Cool colours!
Footprintws in the sand looking back at The Beast parked below

A longer view
Steps to the top!
A long way down
Way down
Great angles
Playing in the sand
Such a view

I can see a long way….
Over the top we go…

Dune ridge
Sand slide
Oh the view
Signs of life….a beetle
Sights below
M.C. and Kaia
Getting closer
This dune has been climbed!
Surrounding thedune
Nearby – preview of DSeadvlei – our next stop.

The Beast! With 45 behind

After our climb we were the only ones left. Now it was off to the legendary Deadvlei

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