Road to Chintsa

With our amazing scuba time in the warm parts of the Indian Ocean now over, it was back to catch up with the Baz Bus for a long day on the road to Chintsa, just east of Port Elizabeth. I had heard of a great hostel called Buccaneers so we thought we would check it out. We got our transfer through our friends at ScubaXcursion again – however our driver was so excited to tell us about his work, his family etc that we blew by where we were supposed to meet the Baz Bus and had to scramble to catch up – i was pretty ticked off but the Baz crew were great as usual! We had been away from the Baz Bus for almost a month now but saw a few old faces still…and the driver, Jesse, remembered us….no other group of five with three kids riding the Baz Bus it seems?!?!!!!

After over a month in the province of KwaZulu Natal, we were moving into the much poorer Xhosa territory of the Eastern Cape – what was once well knows as the Transkei. We were about to hear more of the clicks in the language here versus the Zulu language. With he goal of reaching Cape Town for Xmas, we skipped a fair bit of the eastern part of the Eastern Cape. The Baz Bus stops at all the hostels for drop offs and pick-ups (and toilet breaks) so we got a chance to see the lovely hostels and their environs.

Super typical Xhosa village
Amazing views


I can see for miles (thanx The Who)




Many Xhosa villages are similar.


Poverty was way more obvious here

No big differences here in the last 17 years….

Chicken market.


After hitting the road at 7:30 am we arrived at Buccaneers at almost 6 in the evening! The reward however was well worth it! We had a lovely little cottage and the meals here were communal and amazing!

The door to our cottage – Kaia out front with a new purchase
Super cool wire and bead lion head!
Our main room and kitchen
Main room with living room view
Skye and Willow’s room
Kaia and Moms room
Doug’s room

Our patio and view of the sea in the distance

Our patio again with the lovely Kaia

Buccaneers had three dogs. This one, Bella, joined us on trips to the beach

Bella – hostel dogs never go hungry…
Beautiful girl

I spent some quality time at the bar talking to the owners nephew Rod- we talked a lot about music, life and fun.Both Rod and Mo were great barmen and wonderful people. That is Mo in the pic.

More of the bar area

The dining area of Buccaneers has a lovely deck overlooking the lagoon and the Indian Ocean.

The deck….a lot of time was spent here….a little kids playroom with some toys is straight ahead there….

Our girls playing in toy room. Lego is so international.


Deck views
Deck views

Same view, different day

The town of Chintsa in the distance.


The owners Shaun and Lynne were awesome people, as was daughter Josie and their nephew Rod. In another small world story, Shaun had played ultimate in Ottawa with a few guys i once knew. They all loved music and many conversations about music kept us well entertained. South African politics was always an entertaining topic as well….The hostel had all sorts of little touches that helped make it amazing. Check it:

Lots of beadwork done by Lynne and some local staff. More on beadwork in the next post.

Oh the places you’ll go…

Why indeed?

The wildlife made it pretty cool too. Lots of lizards, bugs, spiders, birds etc….

Big Gecko in our cottage

Swallow nest….super fun watching them come in and out to feed their babies…

Some weavers

More birds

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