⛅The pandas and a Buddha⛅

The baby pandas were the cutest things ever !!!!!!!!! There were so many pandas and so many people from all over the world.
Did you know pandas spend around 12 hours eating. There is not a lot of nutrients in bamboo so pandas reduce their activities and have a shorter pregnancy then most mammals their size. Something like 12 weeks or so.
The panda has evolved a pseudothumbs in their forepaws to help them hold bamboo.
Pandas are very intelligent. It shows in how it choses it’s bamboo, it will take the bamboo with the most nutrients in it and then pick out the parts with even more nutrients.

Similar to the carnivorous animals, giant pandas haveĀ  a relatively short digestive tract, sharp canines, a one chamber-stomach, no cecum
Sadly pandas are become more and more endangered 😭.

Leshan : The Buddha we saw is 71 m in hight!!!! How crazy for a Buddha. We did not go to the bottom because the line up took 2 hours and you only got like 10 mins to see the Buddha at the bottom!!! Just before I bought myself a selfie stick and took a picture of it’s full body (you can see the feet)😂… You may need to zoom in to see it 🤣!!!!!

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