🕌 The Taj Mahal🕌

The Taj Mahal was great on the outside but the inside not so much. In inside there is just to tombs and then around it a huge barrier and then that was it. The barrierhad some really cool stones in it and one of them when you put light on it it looks like it with flame up and look like fire (to name a few the stones that were inserted they have mother-of-pearl, malachite, lapis lazuli and the Firestone.) That was the only cool thing about the inside of the Taj Mahal. So basically what they did to make these are they would have these huge pieces of marble where they would carve it out and insert the stones if it didn’t fit they would start all over again…..

On the outside of the Taj Mahal there were some pillars and and they have 3 sides but when you looked up it looked like they had 6 or even 8 sometimes.(it will have it’s own page )

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