Wow! To get to Hermanus, the Baz Bus had to drop us off at a roadside bar and we were to take a shuttle from there. The bar was super cool! We wished we had time to have a drink there. The people At the bar were super welcomikng and the bar itself was very cool! With some saddles for barstools and old wooden floors the place looked like the old west!

We hopped into our shuttle and were in Hermanus in 30 minutes. Not 2 minutes after walking into Hermanus Backpackers the girls were on the floor playing with Jock the dog and Felix and Bella, the cats… we knew we were in the right place! Hermanus Backpackers was another great spot found on the list of hostels serviced by the Baz Bus. As with all places, the people there were great! After a few more cuddles with Jock, the girls were off to bed

Our family space at Hermanus Backpackers
Jock and the kids in their happy place!
Jock sleeps with his tongue out and at night he snores like mad! And loud!

Hermanus walkabout

The next morning we were out to find breakfast. In front of the hostel was an odd bus and a friendly guy was asking us where we were off to…he was a guide on the bus and was heading into the main area of town and offered to give us a ride…and explain his tour to us. He was a great guy and rather handsome so M.C. and Kaia planned to do the tour later that day. They both had a great time and will post their pix and stories later. Hermanus is world famous for its Southern Right Whale watching but we were a week or two late. The bay was filled with many many whales which would have been cool. It is also known for its Great White Cage Dives (adults only) but oddly enough they had moved up the coast to Plettenberg Bay! You cannot do everything and see everything!

The Hermanus Tour Bus!

As soon as we reached the waterfront area of Hermanus we all regretted that we did not book in to stay there a little longer….we had to be leaving the next day around 6 on the shuttle to meet the Baz Bus at that bar (the adults secretly hoping to be there very early so as to have a drink or three at the bar!). We had an awesome al fresco breakfast with the seabreeze and sounds of waves….

Breakfast by the sea!

We saw a waterfront walking path across the street and after breakfast we were off! The walking path was based on the solar system so each educational sign for each planet was scaled to be the appropriate distance form the other sign/planet…pretty smart!

Off for a wander…
View down to an area where they work with sharks
Beautiful! People out scuba diving!
Such a lovely place!
Whats not to love?
A look up hte coast at the cliff walk ahead。
Ready to go!

Sitting with all my friends.
Trying to look pensive…

Love the wind blown trees!
Also pensive.



I like flags.
Up until this trip i had only seen 3-4 owls in my life. We have seen many on this adventure! This guy was tucked into the brush and we were told he lives there

Such great views on this cliff walk. This was a natural swimming pool – hard to see but someone was swimming there….

The gang.

Hermanus in the background.
Goofing around!
Hard to take a bad pic with the view and our girls…
View + Kaia = wonderful
Head in the clouds.
The cliff walk had a few rock hyrax running about. AKA Dassies they are a relative of the elephant…true story.
More Dassie。
Such a lovely coastline
The gang again
Can’t stop taking pix of our lovely girls
Cool cliff side pathways
So many shades of blue.
On the walk back to town we all agreed we would like to live in Hermanus and in this house!
Back to town

The next day we spent just wandering the town and then the girls got to watch some television ( a real treat to kids who get minimal screens of any kind), while the adults planned out Cape Town and beyond! Then it was off to the wine country and Stellenbosch which would include a catch up with an old work colleague of M.C.s dad from Switzerland days!

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