Plettenberg Bay – Activities

Plett had several awesome activities. We chose to do the Afri-Canyon and swimming with seals. Afri-Canyon was a place where taking a camera was plain stupid – you were jumping off cliffs (kloofing) into water, and zip-lining into water. Not a place for a camera. Hopefully in time the video from these events will be posted. I did not go swimming with the seals in an effort to stay on budget and because I had some something similar before….

Afri- Canyon was amazing – it pushed us all beyond out comfort zone and that is always a good thing!

Skye loves seals so this activity was a no-brainier. When they went out to swim i decided to walk Plettenberg Beach again after 17 years…

Awesome walk to Plett Beach

Offshore Adventures – The shop where one can dive with seals…oddly we later learned that the trip was suspended the next day due to a large concentraton of Great White Sharks…glad I did not go. That being said- the swim had a bottom of 3-5 metres, from where no self respecting shark would attack.


Suiting up for the seal swim

Súper excited. Kid looks good in neoprene!

Ready to go !


Going out to sea!


Kids ready to go!



My wander down the beach after the gang had left…
Views back on Plett

Sweet house on the beach…


My walk down the beach…

I saw a few dolphins surfing the waves but by the time I took a pic there was no dolphins…




Awesome idea 💡

The dark spot in the distance is the boat returning from the seal swim…
Getting closer


Tree by the seal swim shop

The tree smelled very bad…this is why…

Bird tree!
Lunch at Mobys.
Fun on the beach

Cleaning up after beach fun.

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