To Plettenberg Bay

We left Port Elizabeth early and headed down the Garden Route to Plettenberg Bay – a super upscale beach town in the Western Cape province, with a a fair bit to do! The drive was 4-5 hours on our amazing Baz Bus and we had decided to stay at the Albergó Hostel in Plett. Baz Bus is a bunch of 20-30 year old backpackers and our kids just put their heads down and pass the time. Until now The kids lives have had a pretty strict ‘no-screen’ policy. We have read alot about the damage that social media and the internet does to kids. For the trip Kaia was allowed a phone on the grounds that she bought it herself – so she bought a cool Xiaomi phone, and the little two are allowed to play Minecraft to pass time. This has worked very well for the hours we have spent in transit on this adventure! Not sure how well the removal of these things will be when we rejoin the ‘real world’! That being said I am adamant about the removal of these things and no destructive smart phones for kids. So our return will be filled with battles but it is worth it if we can keep our kids ‘mostly’ away from the noxious internet….I do get the irony of writing this on a blog…

We drove through several places and stopped at a number of hostels along the way. The only spot where we think we might have liked to stop was Jeffreys Bay. The rest were nice but we were super happy with Plettenberg Bay!

Beautiful route as we leave Port Elizabeth…under African skies! Unlike some countries, South Africa is trying to be forward thinking in their energy plans.


This is wha ti did… Skye was tuned out with her IPod…

Under African skies….

Willow hard at work on Mincecraft
Kaia on her Kindle. All kids have a Kindle because we think reading is fundamental….


Going thru some mountains….the sea in the distance…

Looking good ahead!

Albergó Backpackers


Albertos reception/office

The braai area…and where many crazy conversations occurred….
Alberos lounge area

Awesome chairs in the outdoor space

Braai area from above again

The office at Albergo – the ladies who worked here were awesome!

Lovely green space at Albergos
Our room for 5

Our lunch spot on the first day….
Plettenberg Bay has some pretty sweet places perched above the beach….


We went into a store – Afrikaans is very tough to understand. Not sure i want what they are selling…and not sure if that is the English translation

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