Penguins in Port Elizabeth

The penguins in Port Elizabeth was the highlight of our time there! It was another sunny day when we headed just out of town to the Penguin Sanctuary. As we were off-season and a weekday, we virtually had the place to ourselves. This is a rehab centre and they told us they get at least one call a day to go collect a wayward penguin! These are the African Penguin – they are laso known as the Jack-ass Penguin (i had a lot of jokes lined up here) because of the braying sound they make to communicate…much like our children!

Our girls love penguins and the Centre was to be their ‘school’ for the day! They learned a lot and got to see the feeding and just hang and watch the little guys do their thing.

Penguin crossing…

Trying to mimic the Penguin Crossing sign and walk in their footsteps


Like everything in nature – there are less and less breeding pairs in the PE colony for mostly man-made reasons

At one penguin enclosure waiting for feeding time/. Lots of birds come around for a free feed too!

Ready for food!


Feeding time! Finally! What is cool is each penguin ha.s a name and the person feeding them uses their names!

Hello little dude!

I did wonder what the rings were for – perhaps penguin gymnastics??

Fascinated by the little guys….



Feeding time in this enclosure!

There you go, Harold!

Losing itS coat.

Anyone for a swim?

Going in?





Each girl made a penguin promise and the centre follows up with an email to see if they are living up to their promise.

Skye’s promise

Willows promise

They even have a diving board!
Lots to learn – coming room Hong Kong the kids know about the stupidity of killing shrks only for their fins.

A horrible practice in China。

Saw this little guy on the way out!
Saw some water plumes in the distance!
Stopped in this lovely shopping area with a man made lake on our way home

Man made lake

Gun drop off…thought we were in the States!

Drink And dinner spot


The beer of choice!

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