A Day at Camp’sBay Beach & Dinner with Friends

With our time in Cape Town running down we planned on a day at Camp’s Bay beach and then dinner with an old friend from HK days. He was originally South African and had moved back to Cape Town with his English wife. We had mentioned we wanted to go to the beach and he told us to be super careful! The day before a bunch of white folk had paid private security to keep black people off one of the Clifton beaches https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/racism-protest-rape-clifton-4th-beach-cape-town-south-africa-security-guards-sheep-slaughter-a8704036.html.

So before meeting our friend Gavin, we spent an uneventful day at Camp’s Bay beach. We knew the water would be cold but it actually numbed your feet after a few seconds of being immersed! It sure cooled you off! Needless to say the younger two made a valiant attempt at playing a bit in the water. They also got a cheap beach massage – good thing it was cheap as the ‘masseurs’ did massage with one hand and were on their phones with the other! Unfortunately we did not get pix of this….

Looking across to Camp’s Bay Beach
On the beach! Willow hedging her bets in a Blitzboks jersey (Springboks 7s team)

Amazing surroundings
Beach fun
Girls versus cold water

Still having fun!

I think the cold has won!

Beach chairs and brollies!

Beach beauties!
Let the massage begin!
This guy starts then it was finished by another girl

The finishing touches.

After a return to our lovely apartment and showers, it was off to the City Bowl for dinner with Gavin, his wife Elaine and a few other friends of Gav’s who were travelling through Cape Town. Turns out one chap has played prop for HKs famous Pot Belly Pigs touring rugby team and his brother plays front row for one of the Valley teams in HK! Small world!

Lots of Mandela stuff in our restaurant lobby

Even the man himself was on hand – this time made of metal – a true Iron Man

The old HK crew!
The HK crew plus our new German friends
Cape Town streets were blocked due to a New Years Parade still 2 days away. People on the left were out and already camping, even with babies, to reserve a spot to watch it go by.

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