Cape Point Tour

Any time spent in Cape Town requires one to do a tour of Cape Point and the sights along the way. Cape Point is kind of funny in that it advertises itself as the ‘most southwestern point in Africa…however the most southerly point is Cape Agulhus and there are tons of countries in Africa more westerly… so really – who knows! It is a spectacular drive and there is lots to see!

After some research we found the Baz Bus was the cheapest tour that offered the most value. We knew we wanted to do a boat tour to see the ‘Seal Island’, Cape Point and penguins – anything else would be a bonus! The pickup was also very near our apartment so everything was working our well. When we were picked up there were only a few seats left so the adults and kids did not sit together!!

Good old Baz Bus

Our group was very international and with time most of the gang seemed pretty friendly. We had an Eritrean girl who teaches fitness in Saudi (!), a gay Argentinian jazz singer and his French boyfriend, two girls from Hong Kong (one who worked in my building and was in my elevator), three Irish teachers from Abu Dhabi (very hungover – one almost barfed on the boat to see the seals), a lovely Dutch girl, a Chinese woman and her 2 boys (perhaps it was language but didn’t mingle) and an Argentinian couple and a Scandi couple…overall a pretty good group! Our guide was Mark and our driver was Crazy Freddy who tells us he is Trevor Noahs uncle! This was the most full we had ever seen the Baz Bus! Good times!

Most of our Cape Point Tour gang!
A more thoughtful moment.

After pickup it was off to Hout Bay and the Cape Fur Seal Colony on Duiker Island.

Hout Bay.

12 Apostles and Hout Bay ( I think)
Some vistas along the way

What a day!

When we arrived at the pier there was the usual entertainiment including a band playing our new favourite – “Welcome to Cape Town”.

Welcome to Cape Town!

The band!

We saw this big guy before we even left the pier!
Skye loves seals
You could smell these guys well before you got neat the Island Colony….it wasn’t pretty….
This is what they do all day
No doubt as to why so many sharks hang in this area?
Seal buffet for sharks…

Usually after the Cape Fur Seal Colony the Baz Bus tour heads to see the penguins but instead we reversed the order and Freddy was off driving us to the Cape Point Nature Reserve. On the way we would travel on Chapmans Peak Drive and then to the Reserve. There we would go for a few km bike ride then eat lunch and after get to the Cape of Good Hope to see the Cape Point Lighthouse, Diaz Beach and the southwestern most point of Africa….

Chapmans Peak Drive – i think
Great sights on the way to Cape Point Nature Reserve
This area is gorgeous
Love it!

First up once we got to the Cape Point Nature Reserve was the bike ride. Some of the bikes were in need of some serious repair work so that made the trip difficult for many. Also the wind was pumping and the area was quite open so after the 2 k ride many were complaining and out of breath!

Getting set up to ride…although we told them about our kids there weren’t many small bikes and with the wind, Willow decided to forgo the experience!
Almost set to go!
Kaia ready and looking cool!
MC looking jaunty!
View along the ride!
Papa ready and able!
Off we go!

The baboons watching our Tour de Cape Point
Loading the bikes back onto the trailer!

After the biking people were more than ready for lunch which was a really good picnic lunch and a chance for people to chart and hear each other’s stories…

Yummy lunch break! Willow has yet to take off her Blitzboks jersey since Xmas.

After lunch it was off to see the Cape Point LighthouSe and the famous sign with the latitude and longitude to this great southwestern Cape of Good Hope!

Driving to the Cape
Such great views
Diaz beach i think
One of the famous signs of Cape Point! This one on the walk to the lighthouse!

On the lighthouse climb!
Better angle of Diaz beach – i think
A few bays over is Cape Agulhus the most southerly point in Africa
Just lovely
Water so clear!
Everything is a long way from here….
Girls at the lighthouse hike
The southwest point
The gang
The beach at the Cape of Good Hope
Cape of Good Hope still
Kite surfer off Cape Point.

The day was ticking away and our girls were desperate to see the penguins. It worked out well for us that this was the last stop of the day Boulder Beach to see the African penguin, coincidentally known as the Jackass penguin due to the sound they make! These Jackasses did not disappoint!

Happy campers ready to see more penguins !
At first we only saw a coupe of jackasses….
Hello jackass!

Still a few singles…

We come in peace….
And then BOOM – penguins galore!
Penguins, penguins everywhere….
Gone swimmin’!

Holding ‘hands’


Holy Penguins!


Getting it on!

After penguins and then ice cream it was the final drive back to Cape Town and our drop off. By pure bad luck we were last off. The drive was nice and we saw the infamous ‘Tablecloth Cloud’ on Table Mountain! We also chatted with the Argentine jazz singer in hopes of seeing him sing when we get to Buenos Aires!

Beautiful drive home



Tablecloth Cloud!

Best pic of Tablecloth Cloud….

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